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One of the scariest places for 11-14 year olds. A prison that you spend 6 hours a day, 5 times a week, for 3 years in. The main purpose is to force you to learn things you will never use later in life, which includes but is not limited to: Math, Science, History, English, your elective, and P.E. The assistant principals torture the kids and do ridiculous rules like banning water bottle flipping, and dabbing. Apparently, everything is a safety hazard, and "Safety is numero uno" --Claire Vickers.
Today I said hi to a random girl --student
That's a safety hazard, you could scare her --Claire Vickers, assistant principal at fisher middle school
by Houd October 19, 2016
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A middle school located in Los Gatos, California that contains a vast majority of stuckup white kids who abuse their rich parents large amounts of money.

At Fisher you will see a wide variety of assholes. It is not uncommon to have gotten drunk by the end of 8th grade. You can be sure to walk into the girls bathroom and see a skinny girl complain about how much "non-fat" yogurt she ate during lunch while applying the amount of makeup equivalent to that of Jeffree Star. Most boys are jocks who are obsessed with tits even though they have never seen a pair.

The principal and vice principal are dikes who's ultimate goal is to rape all the children.
guy 1: hey I'm thinking about going to Fisher Middle School
guy 2: that school sucks don't go there
by smokeybear July 28, 2009
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