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the most stupid ass shit ever made. you need to stay with the stupid ass teacher for the WHOLE LUNCH. the teachers think it gives kids a "lesson" but NOPE it just encourages people to rebel them and make more truble.
me:where were u?
friend:lunch detention
me:wtf dumbass what did u do
friend:i bitch slapped the teacher

friend:ima go do it again
me:oh my...
by Kanaynayasourous March 13, 2014
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When you do something bad that doesn't warrant a detention. Instead, you have to face the wall of the cafeteria and starve while everyone else is eating. In my opinion, it's only going to make you want to get into more trouble.
Lunch detentions are the stupidest shit ever invented.
by Sheks Broken Condom April 14, 2017
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