If working behind a counter, a fish bowl is a condition that you will encounter when 50 people all stand there looking at you like you're a zoo exhibit.
"Goddamn old people lined up staring at me like I'm in a fish bowl."
by Tmeister January 13, 2004
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The roll of fat some chicks have just below the navel. See also fup
I don't understand how that girl can be so skinny and yet still have a total fish bowl
by Merkin March 24, 2005
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When you place a pretend fishbowl on your friends head while they are having a marijuana trip. Then, you and other people around you proceed to have a conversation in silence by moving your lips and not talking. This causes the person in the fishbowl to think that they are actually in a fishbowl and start to freak out even more.
Joey: "We totally put Brad in the fishbowl yesterday. It was so awesome!"
Ryan: "Aw, man I can't believe I missed that! Did he trip?"
Joey: "Totally!"
by TheTripTricker May 09, 2011
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