When a man fingerbangs a woman in a hastier setting than usual, preferably someone he's just recently met.
"I just got my fingers wet on the dance floor with that girl we met in the line up"
by Gypsy4life February 17, 2014
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Attempting to finger a female's vagina to the point of vaginal secretion.
"I really like Amanda."

"What are you doing, trying to get your fingers wet or something?"

"I already got my fingers wet!"
by Yung Phil March 14, 2012
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After the insertion of ones digit in a womans vagina. British word used in the Midlands of England.
Hey Harold - did ye get a wet finger last night?
by Tom_NZ March 27, 2007
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When Jamie sticks her finger into Charlie's butt then continues to pull out his poop with her hooked finger. Then, she licks the poop off and shoves it down Charlie's throat and kisses his belly button.
Wow I totally pulled a Jamie's wet finger last night.
CHARLIE: Ow! My ass! I hate it when you Jamie's wet finger me!
by Hubby Bubby Boo November 20, 2016
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