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When a man fingerbangs a woman in a hastier setting than usual, preferably someone he's just recently met.
"I just got my fingers wet on the dance floor with that girl we met in the line up"
by Gypsy4life February 17, 2014
Shadow people taunting a person's every move with intent to intimidate.

Freaks a bitch out at first but if she catches onto their charades before hitting the 'bat shit crazy' stats, all is well. Cat & Mouse games it is!
Quote: "Your faithfullies don't look so happy"

Me: Smile & wave boys. Just smile & wave!
by Gypsy4life July 14, 2016
Pronounced: ree-E-luh
The name derives from the French. However, telling people that it's pronounced like Gabriella, without the gab even tho this bitch Never shuts up; has been the easiest way for others to learn how it's properly pronounced. Good strong name that is meant Only for those who can withstand taking on the most toughest, emotionally & mental fucked up situations imaginable to mankind that can and will be able to comprehend & endure whatever the outcome may or may not be. Without a doubt only a certain headstrong kind of individual will understand.

Riella is also known as a 'One of a kind Squirrel Trailing Gypsy' that drives aimlessly cross country, mostly in circles for no apparent reason..? All the while, talking effortlessly to folks around trying to do random acts of kindness hoping that that will brighten their day and at least walk away with a smile. Furthermore, the name Riella in it's self, not only rolls off the tip of your tongue like the word Discombobulated it's also just an all around bad ass, fun name to learn. The fact that if you've never met me then you more than like never met a loca wera called Riella.
Knowing Riella is like trying to find Waldo. Here one minute gone the next.
by Gypsy4life July 15, 2016