The last fart (usually the stinkiest) before the turd is ready to exit the body.
Oh man, that was final warning. I gotta get to a toilet NOW!
by DBrizzle808 July 21, 2012
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Russian term coined during the Cold War to describe a warning that carries no real meaning.

An empty threat
Person 1: "Man, this asshole told me to pay him money or he will burn my house to the ground."
Person 2: "Relax, he probably gave you China's final warning."
by redocelot September 9, 2022
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"China's final warning" (Russian: Последнее китайское предупреждение) is a Russian proverb that originated in the former Soviet Union, to refer to a warning that carries no real consequences.
Donald:'' Pooh said he will launch missiles if Mickey comes to visit his neighbour. He sounds serious!''

Vlad:'' Meh... That's him using China's final warning. Last time I stole pots of honey from him in Tuva and he didn't do nothing. ''
by TaiwanNo1 August 3, 2022
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the best band you'll ever hear
forget about fall out boy or guns n rose
TFW for the win
"man did you hear final warning's new demo? IT RULEZZ!!"
by kthanks December 2, 2006
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