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a sexual act where one fingers one's partner's anus and then gives oneself or one's partner a mustache with the filthy finger
That Jessica's such a slut - she's given half the boys in school a filthy sanchez.
by Sanchez August 13, 2004
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1. the sexual act of following anal sex immediately with oral sex, which causes residual fecal matter to coagulate on the recipient's upper lip, resembling a Mexican handlebar moustache

2. Unexplained sexual position taught by South Park character Mr. Garrison to his kindergarten class.
(1) 'Naw, I gave that slut Jessica a Filthy Sanchez, dude, not the other way around!'
(2) 'Ike, do you know what a "Filthy Sanchez" is?'
by 1337 d00d July 01, 2005
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Much like the Dirty Sanchez but instead of sticking your fingers in her ass, u stick your fingers in your own ass and wipe it under her nose.
I got drunk with your mom and I gave her the Ole "Filthy Sanchez"!
by Trainwrek the Nomad October 02, 2018
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