Engaging in anal sex, then proceeding to ejaculate into your partner's ass, afterwards sucking out the semen from their ass with either a bendy or twirly straw.
Dang dude, last night I heard Bingham filched his grandma! He's such a filcher...
by Mark Becker November 28, 2007
The act of having anal sex and then extracting the semen with a drinking straw
"Man she gave me a filcher last nite"
by Ashly and Maddie September 15, 2004
the act of penetrating the subjects arsehole, ejaculating into their rectum, and sucking the resulting bak into the mouth and swallowing!
'damn man captain and dom are the biggest filchers i know'
by paul and tibs June 6, 2006
A person who sponges off someone else's wireless network because they are too damn cheap to pay for their own.
Why the Hell should I pay $39.95 for the Internet? I'll just be a Wi-Filcher and get it from the neighbors...
by JPnEB June 2, 2009