Fight words are written or spoken words, generally expressed to incite hatred or violence and to place the targets of the words in danger of harm. Specific definitions, freedoms, and limitations of fighting words vary by jurisdiction.
Alex: Fuck you Alan! I fucking hat your guts you nasty little ...... ..... ....

Alan: :'(

Fight words in a sentence.
by socalifornia March 24, 2007
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words used to instigate physical combat
Man 1: Your mother is a cheap whore.
Man 2: Thems fighting words.
by Gabe Moon October 7, 2008
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The few words, if any, to say before a fight ensues.
The most common topics to insult are:
Your Mom/dad
Your sister/brother
Your close friend

Your girlfriend/boyfriend
Your wife/husband
Your son/daughter

Your pet
Your financial situation

Or anything else you take seriously
(Both Max, the innocent bystander & Rick are standing in a alleyway, about to fight.)

Max: Any last words? (He punches his knuckles together and then gets into a fighting stance.)

Rick: I'm gonna kick your fucking ass! (He glides his arms around him to end up with him getting into a fighting stance, both said their fighting words.)
by Royal_Defense710 October 29, 2014
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The phrase that inevitably follows when there is a debate over which video game is better.
Guy 1: 2 is better than 1, man.

Guy 2: them fighting words. . .1 is clearly better than 2.
by Ereck Flowers September 1, 2018
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