1 a numerical value

2 a quantitative value

3 to split in half
1 50

2 there are fifty sheep

3 DUDE, com'mon man, lets go fifty on a pack of Newps. or come on dude we went fifty, let me get some.
by mandakalv July 19, 2009
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Being sexually excited by a minor event. Pertaining to 'fifty degrees', the angle of an erection.
"Oh my lord, they have 24 on DVD?!"
"Jesus, don't have a fifty over it..."
by ross-l-f June 15, 2005
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When a girl gently plays with a mans balls, even sucking on them, then at the spur of the moment, when a guy is errected, she pulls his dick, as if she wanted to rip it off and chew on it ferrociously. When saying 50, one must make their voice very deep and masculine compared to the rest of the sentence.
Guess what pat and mauyvaline did this weekend? Fifty.
When Mauvayline and Pat where getting busy, she fifty'd him, and that is why it is hard for him to walk today.
by 25+25= 50 May 25, 2007
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