Some good ass weed; fifty for a 8th
Whatz up heard you had some fifties
by A-Hood February 07, 2007
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Further shortening of FFD (acronym for Fat Fucking Disgrace).
"Look at Kid Fifty over there" (indicating a fat black kid with man boobs from eating too much candy)

"Wow. Check out the comment from Shirtless Doug Fifty!" (indicating a comment left on a busty girl's Myspace page by a fat, shirtless man from Ohio that contains both numerous references to sensuality, and numerous spelling and grammatical errors.)
by Dean PGH June 10, 2008
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Something large, surprising in it's appearance, or otherwise unique in it's context at the moment. This expletive is used to verbally describe something while having said object or thing being presented to another person or persons. The origination of this term comes from the number fifty being of significant numerical size, it's verbal use as a visualization of something big or unique, and the phonetics of the word itself being somewhat catchy or effective in it's verbal presentation.
Johnny and Michael are waiting for the bus. Johnny pulls a big booger out of his nose, shows it to Michael, and says "OMG!!! FIFTY!!"
by realgerg August 01, 2006
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