From phat - A parody of phat, used to insult "nigger" wannabes. Written use only.
fooman: "Yo, wasup my nigger"
barman: "These fhat beats"
by Leedar November 24, 2003
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A fhat meme is a very good meme, which will not die in the forseeable future.
"Wow, Abdul Al Fatan, that's a fHAT meme!"
by JamubiusfHAT November 20, 2017
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A rather inconspicuous way of saying "what the fuck" can be used in front of parents, at church, in front of old people, or anywhere that the word fuck would be frowned upon.
friend 1: Hey dude did you hear Jason is getting married

friend 2: Fhat the Wuck!!?? Are you kidding me.

bob: Fhat the wuck!! I just stepped in shit.
by diggbick February 9, 2010
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An alternative rap band created by David McGuinness and David Rafeghello. They had many hits including: Where my hoe at? Haters and Dope, and Yo Yo Popo. Fhat Dapp is based out of toronto and they are currently taking a break.
The best band ever is Fhat Dapp. They are awesome!
by AFI_kid September 21, 2007
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