To drink some beers, smoke some weed or do anything else that might give one a buzz.
Me and my buddies are have some beers and blow a blunt to fetch a buzz.
by Harry Seeward July 20, 2019
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A mean girls reference used as code for stealing
Omg that’s so fetch are we fetching that
by K12mimz on insta April 28, 2020
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Holy FucK! When that moment hits your colon and you have to make it to the bathroom, outhouse, woods or even trashcan.
I ate some spicy food last night and now i'm fetching a cramp!
by fetchingcramps February 11, 2019
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When one gay man kneels behind a large hairy gay man(see Bear), and reaches up through the Bear's legs and pulls his penis and testicles back betwixt his legs. With the Bear's pee pee facing backward the kneeling man begins to stroke him to completion. Hence Fetching the Bear.
Guy one: I bet Lou loves fetching the bear.

Guy two: I'm not sure his man's pencil dick will bend that far without snapping.
Guy one: I've seen him!
by Dumpster Dick March 24, 2017
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Euphemism for: 'Felch the puppy', or 'Felch the cute young guy'.
Guy 1: Are you taking that puppy upstairs to the sauna? You wanna live the Berlin experience!
Guy 2: No way, I'm gonna totally fetch the puppy in my shower room. He's all mine.
by cuksocker July 22, 2013
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