use this when something good happens to you or your friends (used by gretchen from the movie mean girls)
"hey check out regina's new shoes"

"omg those are so fetch!"
by January 6, 2021
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A phrase coined by Gretchen Weiners in the movie Mean Girls, meaning in-style or cool. Though turned down by queen bee Regina George, “fetch” will live on.
“Wow, is that a new bracelet? That is SO fetch!”
by Tik Tok Tate July 12, 2018
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An odd word thats meanig wuz changed by my bff. it now means kool or other wise known as coolieo.
Angelica (aka jelly): Man that movie wuz FETCH breanna. Breanna: ikr. Great movie!
by 2 cool 4 u December 28, 2010
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Something that just AIN'T gonna happen, so don't even ask. ;)
Talking about Trump being impeached is just SO fetch!!! ;) . . . (you guys don't even have the balls to post this, because as Liberals you're not even ALLOWD to!!! . . . Self- administered censorship has GOT to be seriously confusing for ANYONE who proclaims to support the United States Constitution, yet disrespects the First Amendment on a daily basis . . . BWAH-Hahahahahahahaha!!! - LoL ;)
by uuuuuuyyy March 30, 2019
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that's like so fetch
by henry.osm January 11, 2021
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Cool, trendy and hip. Fashionable and/or hot.
Logan, your dress is totally fetch.
by Blamo303 July 10, 2011
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To drink some beers, smoke some weed or do anything else that might give one a buzz.
Me and my buddies are have some beers and blow a blunt to fetch a buzz.
by Harry Seeward July 20, 2019
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