A person who has reached ultimate crustiness and disgustingness, a person who has lost all humanity to being gross
Person 1 :Yo did you see that girl eating a week old piece of dominos pizza

Person 2: ya she’s is like such a fester
by Rock ur world March 27, 2020
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v. 1. To call it quits. End of shift, or had enough fun for the day or night.

2. To give up.
Short for 'Uncle' as in Uncle Fester
"Fester..... I've had a long day and can't wait to kick it back at the house"

"Fester" ...I give up....what do I owe? I'm cashin' out"

'Fester,.......baby, let's bounce'
by redfisher December 04, 2016
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A person or a group (Festers) of people attending Coachella festival. Now referred to as Coachella.
Festers have landed in Indio, ready to brave the sand and party to the music!
by BabyKan April 15, 2016
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a dirty trash picked office chair that you think you can fix up when you can't. it probably carries numerous std's.
Doug: Just stop being so cheap and buy a real chair.
Steve: No way! I love fester chairs.
by Ocyrus April 02, 2011
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i herad this word from my brother in law
a festered wookis is a vaginal zit that is oozing a yellowish brown puss like substance
that hurts like a festered wookis.
by prankstamenace January 05, 2010
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Fester Fuck (n): A cluster fuck of a situation that one ignores until either, (a) the conditions of the situation begin to fester like a wound smelling of geriatric diapers and almonds, or (b) it becomes an unmitigated chunderstorm.
That hoarder's place up the street is literally rotting under a 10 year layer of broken dreams and apathy. It is an absolute fester fuck over there.
by Dr. Chunder May 17, 2013
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Someone who truly and utterly pisses you off to the point of homicidal rage
Look it's fester fucknuts
by derageosfear70 August 08, 2020
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