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Most of the 'feminists' on tumblr.

Basically any self-proclaimed feminist that acts like a bigot, misandrist, extremist, hypocrite, fucking moron, stupid cunty-bitch, etc.

What is interesting though is often many feminists will often automatically defend these cretins, telling men who disagree to 'check their privilege' while ignoring their own. It is ironic, they think they have towering morals, and yet are reprehensible fuckwits. Notice that this applies to certain ‘feminist’ ‘men’ as well (aka manginas).

Not all feminists are like this, but a sizable group (some would argue majority) do in fact, behave like this.

One possible cause for this lunacy is that certain branches of feminism have their roots in Authoritarian-Communism. This group-think mentality likely carried over, and as a result we have the femtards that you know and love today. They also have a tendency to censor anything that offends their paper-thin sensibilities? They try to ban anything that they deem ‘offensive’ (see UK Porn Ban). Some would say calling these failures-at-life ‘feminazis’ is offensive. Considering that they behave like bullies, lobby to pass unfair laws, try to ban ‘offensive’ material, are often narcissists, operate in a ‘groupthink’ mentality, and generally behave like petty tyrants; comparing these losers to Nazis is not too far from the truth
And this is why you should not take modern ‘feminism’ seriously.

Women's rights are not the same thing as feminism, never forget that.
"Unequal pay? How the hell does he think that?

Oh wait, he is comparing average wages of different professions and education levels. What a femtard!"

Also, These people are femtards for obvious reasons

Adria 'dumbcunt' Richards
Chanty "Big Red" Binx
PZ 'Mangina-White-Knight' Meyers
Rebecca 'always-the-victim' Watson
Jen 'Horseface' McCreight

AtheismPlus and its defenders
Every false rape accuser ever
Internet 'white knight-ers'
by SenatorPooptickler October 23, 2013
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A combination of the words "feminist" and "retard." All feminists are femtards, because feminism is the singular most ridiculous ideology to ever be contrived by the human mind (which is saying a lot since there are Jehovah's Witnesses out there!). Feminism is, at its very root, retarded, because (but not limited to):

1) Feminists harp on about equal rights while attempting to legislate superior rights for women.

2) Feminists maintain that women can do anything men can do and then get fire departments, local police, and the military to lower their standards so more women can be employed.

3) Feminists hold to such horrific fables as, "Women never lie about rape" (LACROSSE, anyone?).

4) Feminists maintain that men and women are the same, while noting that men are more violent than women, and women are more nurturing and cooperative than men. So in the feminist's doctrine, men and women are the same except for where women are better than men....

5) Feminists simultaneously maintain that women are strong enough to lead countries yet also maintain that when women do not get their way at home their husbands are being "controlling" and are guilty of "domestic violence."

6) Feminists maintain that women are strong enough to lead countries, yet need to be protected from bikini calendars in the workplace.

For all these reasons and a thousand others, all feminists are to hereby be referred to as "femtards."
That judge just found that Joe was guilty of domestic violence because he threw a sock at that sow slut of a wife he has - judges are such femtards.
by Etymoligizer September 05, 2007
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"femtard" = "feminist retard"

A term created by men who habitually confuse their "brain" with their anus.

Feminism is "the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes" (Merriam Webster Dictionary).

However, this is not quite grasped by those who insist against all logic and decency that feminism is the "singular most ridiculous ideology to ever be contrived by the human mind." Those depraved men demand that the "feminist retards" who fight for the equality of the sexes be sent to reeducation camps. They also argue that it is white men who are "oppressed" while women and minorities are "privileged."

Since these men never finished high school it is no surprise that their ruminations are too moronic for anyone without brain damage.
1.) Feminists fight for the rights of those who are and always have been systematically disadvantaged: women, ethnic minorities, and LGBT people.

2.) There are and never have been "superior rights" for women. In fact, in the US, women have been recognized as actual human beings and granted essential human rights like right to vote, own property, and receive an education only in the 19th and 20th century.

3.) Feminists are very well aware of the fact that there are physical differences between women and men (e.g., physical strength, child bearing ability, etc.).

4.) According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics (1999, 2004) 99% of rapists are men, 90% of murderers are men and the vast majority of perpetrators of gender violence are men. According to the FBI (1995, Uniform crime reports) "unfounded reports of rape are rare, occurring only 2-8% of the time."

5.) According to the American Psychiatric Association (DSM-IV, 2000) and any biology book, men are not only more aggressive than women but also more anti-social, sadistic, and narcissistic.

6.) Women are "strong" enough to lead countries AND avoid starting wars.

7.) Normal people (e.g., feminists) will not object to "bikini calenders" at work if employers makes sure to provide just as many "naked men calenders" at work.

Anyone who is too obtuse to grasp this and uses the word "femtard" should go back to cuddling his momma's underwear and begin thinking of ways to SHOW those mean women.
by The Happy Humanist July 15, 2010
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An anti-feminist insult word that is both sexist and ableist simultaneously. It labels feminists as being just another kind of retard, despite the fact that they have sensible and well-researched arguments. The term is used to shout down those who campaign for women's equality.
Feminist: I just read a study showing that there's a gender wage gap that stems from sexism in the workplace.
Dude: I don't need to see a study to know that you're a femtard! Now make me a sandwich!
by Wasabitz December 24, 2013
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