a person thats cool, and you like alot
your really fello, im a fello guy
by joshua March 21, 2005
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Fello is a 6'7 monster was an 11 inch D@#K. He is the sexiest man alive.
Fello is so yummy
by kittylious September 23, 2020
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Used when something bad or awkward happens. Can break awkward silence or point out that an action was stupid.
Waiter drops a plate
by Fellogirl February 17, 2017
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pronounced "vaSTE (like waste) - feLLOW"

An Indian person who can't do anything right. Normally South Indian and is a funny person.
Arjun - Eyy beta vat u got on the AP bio test?
Kamala - Oh I only got 100 sorry papa. missed extra credit
Arjun - Hey! Cmon beta. Was really easy no.
Arjun - *vaste fellow*
by Starfury101 October 07, 2019
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