Fell out of the ugly tree...explains how someone (a girl, usually) became ugly.
I'd give that girl a 0 out of 10 even with Stanford goggles...she fell out of the tree and hit every branch on the way down!
by Nick D February 8, 2003
a stronger phrase to use instead of fugly stick. always refers to a really fugly person or someone who just not attractive in any way
She didn't just get whacked with the fugly stick, she fell out of the fugly tree and hit every branch.
by mandadandalyon March 28, 2009
Commonly used phrase referencing the degree to which an individual is considered unattractive. Possibly a regional colloquialism used in the Oklahoma area.
Billy Bob: "Geez! That woman with the balding patte, bulbous nose, black front teeth, and tattoo of 'I Like It Rough,' sure is ugly!"

Billy Roy: "She sure has a flabby gut, and that backside ain't too perty neither!"

Billy Billy: "Boys, that there gal Fell Out Of The Ugly Tree And Hit Every Branch On The Way Down!"
by THE REAL JULIA June 21, 2006
(adj.) a term used to describe an immensely ugly person, usually referring to members of the other sex.
The ugly tree being the source of ugly people (to grow on the ugly tree like a fruit etc. is to be of undesirable appearance).
Bob: (points to a female) good lord my dear man, take a gander at yonder female, she is quite hideous I do protest!

Bruce: (in disgust) I must agree old chap, poor lady seems to have fallen out of the ugly tree!

Bob: I would go as far as to say she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down!

Bob and Bruce: (both scoff)
by Joyeuse May 13, 2008
A word used when someone around u said or did something really stupid
Dat nigga Trey gave me 20 dallaz 4 a piece of gum.Damn sumebody fell out of da dumb tree dis mornin
by D November 23, 2003
A term used when one of ur homeboys or homegrls walk around lookin fucked up.
Damn trey!!who did ur edge up!! HAHA somebody fell out of da dumb tree this mornin
by D November 23, 2003
did you fall out of a tree?

oh, i fell out of a tree *wink cackle cackle*
by J.Fink&P.Boska November 20, 2008