During anal sex when cum is released into the ass, the FELCHER is the person who removes the cum, with a straw or not.
The felcher sucked out the cum with a straw.
by Potatotron Ramone May 20, 2005
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a person who, in a sick act of human nature, has anal sex with someone, ejaculates on his/her butt, and cleans up with their mouth
"dude, you fucking nasty-ass felcher"
by Billy Bob December 13, 2002
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Scumbags who suck semen out of the vagina or anus of one's partner after sex. Sick perverted motherfuckers!
Bob is a felcher that sucks man juice out of Tom's bunghole!
by crevischecker December 23, 2011
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These days felcher has a more common meaning, the art of felching has come a long way since sucking cum out of a random asshole, it can now mean you're a bottom feeder of any type.
"Stop felching my beer you felch"
"Hey felcher" (Yelled out to bum collecting money at train station)
"Dont let felch felch off a felch" (Meaning double felching is a big no no)
by 2stylsh July 26, 2008
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Birmingham, circa 1994.
Became a nickname to which I have been cursed, not due to my practising said 'art', but through an innocent mispronounciation of my surname. I'm stuck with it.
Man: (at door of concert): "I've come to see Chris..."
Woman: (on door) "Chris who?"
Man: "Erm... Chris.... Felcher??"
by chris wheelie April 21, 2005
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Felcher: Someone who cums in a woman ass, then sucks it out with (or without) a straw.
After he blew a load in her ass, he felchered it all up with a straw. MMM MMM GOOD!
by Keli Marie October 12, 2005
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when a man ejaculates sperm on someone ass, then sucks it up with a straw, to clean up the mess.
"OMG, lauren loves felchers!"
"Jimmer gives felchers to men, all the time! hes the felcher master!!"
by Cassieeee January 13, 2007
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