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Stage name of Canadian musician Leslie Feist. Her debut album, Monarch, was released in 1999. It has been her latest, however, Let It Die, that has garnered her critical acclaim.
She's known for her distinctive voice, which you really must hear to understand. Feist is also widely admired as a charismatic and attractive woman.
Along with her solo efforts supported by Arts & Crafts, she's also a part of the 15 member+ Broken Social Scene}.
Feist has the one of the most alluring voices you will ever hear.
by quirkily January 30, 2006
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Leslie Feist, one of the best things Canada has ever produced, is a fucking amazing singer-songwriter and is part of Broken Social Scene. Before making her breakthrough, she was Peaches' bitch and was dubbed "Bitch Lap Lap", rapping badly with a sock puppet in poor Spanish wearing Cuban aerobics outfits.

The guys at Pitchfork like her too.
Person 1: I'm seeing Feist live next week!
Person 2: Look out for her performance of Sealion. She goes nuts every time.
by fungdark January 03, 2011
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To do something with more fire, not feisty. she had feisty makes no sense whatsoever. she had feist. Makes sense huh. It's a good word. to add feist to something you're doing it more aggressively.
she had lots of feist when she teached
by WordQueen666 January 06, 2019
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1- (verb) to sex someone up.
2- (noun) to engage in sexual intercourse with another person.
3- (noun) a word coined into language by josh and kristen.
1- "i want to feist you."
2- "we feisted last night."
by oh, kristen February 09, 2007
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A chic who somehow built a musical career by convincing advertising moguls that her vocal stylings, mostly consisting of repetitive ultra-feminine utterances of the sound β€œoh” over flowery pop-music, are great for big budget corporate television commercials.
Hi, I'm feist and my favorite word is "oh"!
by ibex37 September 22, 2010
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