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To speak incoherently in a delusional fashion as a result of hallucinogenic drugs.

To be disconnected from reality.
Palin is gaddafing once more. Will it ever end?
by fungdark March 2, 2011
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The sequel to 'The Rural Juror' written by Kevin Grisham, as mentioned on 30 Rock.
Jenna: Did you know that before Kevin was a novelist, he worked at a recycling center?
Liz: Wow.
Jenna: And he just finished writing the sequel. It's called "Urban Fervor".
Liz: Boy these titles. They really make you think.
by fungdark August 21, 2010
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A film based on a Kevin Grisham novel starring Jenna Maroney as Constance Justice, a lawyer. It's the prequel to Urban Fervor. Liz & Co had trouble pronouncing the film's title and this has been used as a running joke throughout the series. It is also the title of the tenth episode of 30 Rock.
Jenna: Does Jack Donaghy even know I'm in "The Rural Juror"? Maybe if he knew I had a film career, he would treat me with more respect.
Liz: I will tell him. I will tell him that you are in a feature film called "The Rur Jur".
by fungdark August 21, 2010
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Leslie Feist, one of the best things Canada has ever produced, is a fucking amazing singer-songwriter and is part of Broken Social Scene. Before making her breakthrough, she was Peaches' bitch and was dubbed "Bitch Lap Lap", rapping badly with a sock puppet in poor Spanish wearing Cuban aerobics outfits.

The guys at Pitchfork like her too.
Person 1: I'm seeing Feist live next week!
Person 2: Look out for her performance of Sealion. She goes nuts every time.
by fungdark January 3, 2011
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