Feeding the beast refers to the consumption of drugs subsequent to the first use of the day. This usually pertains to regular users, as the most satisfying hit of any drug is the first one of the day. This is due to its having the most noticeable effect, and satisfying the user's cravings, which in many cases, they are fighting all day prior. The phrase refers to the diminished effect of continued use of the drug combined with the user's essentially insatiable appetite to continue using.
The first cigarette of the day is the best; after that, you're just feeding the beast
by entrope August 6, 2011
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to send a high-maintenance partner a text message in order to keep them sweet and avoid them getting upset that you are ignoring them.

Similar to a feeding a tamagotchi, you send these texts to keep the relationship alive.
A: You coming to the pub mate?
B: Yeah, of course. One minute though, I just gotta feed the beast first.
by BiggyG June 6, 2010
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A mod pack for minecraft that adds 60+ mods and makes it more complex.
I got bored of minecraft so i downloaded feed the beast.
by Crafter January 14, 2013
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Initiating / going through with a hookup that does nothing for you emotionally just because you're horny.
"Why did she go home with Paul last night? Does she even like him? Does anyone?"

"I think she just had to feed the beast."
by 60622 September 4, 2006
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To eat a lot of lean protein and carbs after a long session of weight lifting. You need the fuel to replenish muscle and curb your hunger.

The beast in question is let loose during the workout, so you need to feed it during the rest of the day.
Daniel was hungry after bench pressing for an hour straight, so he came home and had to feed the beast with a footlong chicken breast double meat on wheat from subway.
by bodybuilder45678 August 31, 2010
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The act of using your foreskin to hold a pouch of chew.
"Bro I'm bussing so hard off this chew"
"I don't see a chew in your mouth"
"Bro, I'm feeding the beast"
by Beastfeeder March 14, 2016
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