Denoting fertility, the word conveniently includes three of the English languages' most evocatively lewd phononyms: fuck, cunt and titty.
"Father, what can you tell me about mother's fecundity?"
by Monica Bobbington May 5, 2005
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The sensation one gets after completing a double over hand reverse grip on the John Thomas
I swear the look on Mikes face after that session was that of complete 'fecund'
by GloballyRelaxed March 5, 2004
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The art of being aware, with minimal stimuli, that something be rotten.
Frank’s fecund-awareness was going off the charts when he noticed how fake ass everyone was being towards him, ON GOD!
by ShiverBeyondAppalling November 8, 2023
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A word used to back track calling someone a fucking cunt
"No, I didn't say that. I said you were fecund, like you could have 5 babies right now."
by BobHobnobBobbobbob July 14, 2021
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