a word originating from the emeral isle. can be used as a profanity similar to the word fuck, but also as an adjective,etc. in everyday conversation.
What the feck?
Take any feckin road you want, they'll all lead to carrick-on-shannon.
by jp2549 September 04, 2005
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While in Ireland I heard feck used two ways.

definition 1) to toss away, usually involves mean intent toward another person's belongings.

definition 2) to make a small theft, usually not of any great moral consequences.

1) The bullies took the book bag from the small boy and "fecked" it into the river.
2) Broke and feeling hungry the boys snuck into the old man's orchard and "fecked" some apples to eat.
by Er M Os November 24, 2006
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An Irish term, Feck is without a set annotation or connotation, and can be positive or negative depending upon context. Very Zen-like, really.
"You Fecking bastard, I love ya!'

"Feck off, Seamus."

"Feck you, man."
by The REAL 2wingo March 12, 2010
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Vernacular expletive used as part of common expressions in surprisingly pleasing siuations by Irish Chaplains.
- Would ye loike sahm tea fathar - it's got cocaine in et. I mean... shugar.

- Feck me! Did ye say cocaine Missis Doyle?
by Al Who Knows December 25, 2004
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Feck is a word to basically describe a chinless person. It's where your face and neck are sort of one big chunk. Where your face and neck blend together and you have no chin. It is a combination of the words "Face" and "Neck". It is most commonly seen on overweight people, but skinny people can have fecks too. Tori Spelling is a good example of a skinny person with a feck. The term was coined by Kelly Roman of Astoria, Oregon in 2007.
Vince: "Holy shit! Did that lady swallow a brick?"

Kelly: "No, she just has a raging feck"

Vince: "Word"

by Vince Roman May 05, 2008
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Of Irish origin, feck is what a lady says when she really wants to say fuck
So Mary is a real lady, when she gets mad she says feck it anyway instead of fuck it
Me Mam told me to tell ye to feck off
by yatenga December 09, 2011
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