Children born on this particular day are probably way cooler than you.
(mac): my bday is february 21st

(n): whoa
(cheese): that explains everything
by spooppyycookies October 15, 2019
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national best birthday day! if your born this day your the best!!!!
Omg your born on february 21st? you must be super cool, YOUR THE BEST!!!
by payton fridriksson:) October 19, 2019
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This is the day where you give out cake.
Hey, do you want some cake? It’s February 21st!
by The cake man October 16, 2019
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National Slap Your Shorter Friend Day
if you have a friend shorter than you, you can slap them on this day
Joe: Hey Steve, what is the date?
Steve: February 21st

Joe: Oh goody, you’re shorter than me right?
Steve: Yes I am
Joe: it is national Slap your shorter friend day!
Steve: Oh No
by SausageofRoll February 17, 2022
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February 21st, also known as punch-a-Preston day. Only February 21st of every year, a Preston can get punched as much or as hard as anyone can, without consequences.
Dude, did you hear it’s national punch-a-Preston day!
Yeah man, February 21st is gonna be lit!

I’m gonna rock Preston’s world with these fists bro!
by Johhny Long Rockets February 21, 2020
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