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a special holiday that falls on the same day as easter in which one enjoys copious amounts of marijuana and indulges in a feast of snacks, ham, and chocolate cake. the official symbol for this holiday is the mouse.
feaster is my favorite holiday in the whole entire world.
by Jessica Sara Warm April 14, 2007
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Combination of Fucking and Easter -- A term one can use to excuse oneself from Easter celebrations in order to satisfy the sudden urge to fuck.
Thanks for the family dinner invite on Easter! However, we won't be able to make it as we were thinking of staying in for Feaster this year.
by Papi Royal April 22, 2011
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An individual associated with the chopper scene who parks his motorcycle in a high traffic area, then sits at a discreet distance to watch people gather around it.
"Hey bro's - it's time to blast down to the next bar! Hey, where's Travis?" "He's still sitting on the balcony watching everyone check out his sick bobber. Fuckin' feaster."
by Mr. Puke August 06, 2017
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