Feasible - for something to make sense, to be realizable, possible, usefull.
"Let's design a car that can only drive 1 mph."

The above is not a feasible plan :)
by th1alb March 07, 2007
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Another way of saying 'doable', sexually speaking. Or if you're British, another way of saying someone is 'fit'.
Guy 1: Mannnnn, she's feasible.
Guy 2: Word, I'd definitely tap that.
by weirdurban March 06, 2013
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Forum poster who mostly confuses readers with obtuse and labyrinthine monologues that contain oddly misinformed takes on musical genres and stylings.
Feasible weasel said: dubstep has so many different styles ur confusing dark and hard.its an underground music,who wants to make cross over stuff? cross over means u want to make pop music.i wish it had devil chanting and the sounds of people dying Cool
by Another Dubstepforum User December 28, 2007
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The most annoying thing/person on the planet, Does not know when to stop talking, Inappropriate in every situation imaginable.
'That guy is feasible weasel'
by Dubstep Forum User September 12, 2007
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when parents place limits on young people's use of digital devices
Bob 1: Hey guess what? My mother just did something feasible!
Bob 2: wow really? how feasible was it?
Bob 1: it was just 24 hours a day
Bob 2: Wow, you can still game in your dreams! How lucky!
by labapapa August 12, 2021
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