Faye is a funny,crazy, kind person you’ll ever meet she hates bullies! When she has a man/female she very toxic bc what’s hers is hers! She loves Anime men/women!
She loves the grunge aesthetic, has trust issues. People don’t like as much bc they’re js jealous of her! ;)
Girl:omg faye is so ugly
by foreverinmymind<3 January 3, 2021
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is funny, girl with dark wavy black hair she goes to an all girls private school and loves cats she has a winning personality and loves funny cartoons! she is short and one of the best actresses and singers you will meet she is very passionate for acting and loves to get up on stage and strut her stuff ! she is always nice to her friends but if you say something to offend her its BYE BYE BIRDY to you, faye will let you go in a second, she is an independent girl who does what she wants to do
by EKAIE June 11, 2013
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Faye is a women with blonde hair and Huge tits and usually has a thing for teenage boys
Damn that Faye has a cracking pair if tits
by TheLocalGuy115 February 12, 2017
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Most people describe Faye as a “beautiful, funny, blonde, big boob, intelligent and amazing person”. Honestly, Fayes’ are not like that. You never know Faye’s life. never.
-Omg! I know everything about Faye.
-No. No, you don’t.
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This is (usually) a girl that is super amazing at sports, that has red streaks in her hair and is ssome way or another partly german, Fayes are so awesome everyone get jealous, she has lots of her own little catchphrases like 'as you do' and 'goshus!'

she's a bit mad, not all there in the head, but other wise a great friend!
dude 1 : 'oh my god, shes such a Faye, look at that shot she just took in football! Remember that time when she was all like 'GOSHUS!'

dude 2: Oh yeah, it was totally... amazing, im so gonna start saying that now.. everyone will be so jealous..'
by Ashley McThomas March 20, 2010
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Faye=Gay it rhymes anyone name that is faye is gay
Faye is soooooo gay
by Fayesudchao May 21, 2022
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(from the point of view of a faye
She is very insecure and finds it hard to open up. She has severe non diagnosed anxiety but won't tell anyone because it gives her too much anxiety. In the end she just wanted to be loved by someone.
Faye felt fat and ugly... Because she was.
by LilBitDepressed June 29, 2019
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