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(verb) To have one's finger broken by the football while attempting to catch a particularly hard-thrown pass.

Comes from Brett Favre's notoriety for throwing one of the hardest balls in the NFL and having broken several of his receivers fingers on multiple occasions throughout his career.

also acceptable: Brett favre'd
"How did you manage to break your pinky?"
"Oh, I was Brett Favre'd by John in the tackle football game we had last weekend."
by Josh November 29, 2004
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Texting a picture of one's own male genitalia to an unsuspecting female.
OMG Jenny! - I can't believed he Favred you... look at his junk... you got him by the balls now!
by briang111 October 14, 2010
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(FAHrv'd), v. To bring one's team to the brink of victory
through a brilliant maneuver, but to lose by committing a colossal unforced blunder.
The Democrats favred their chances for

health care reform when they lost the Massachusetts Senate seat.
by Murminator January 27, 2010
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To "Four Finger Solute" a vagina. The 4 fingers representing Brett Favre's immaculate number 4 jersey he wears. This is an aggressive act, so ultimate insertion of fingers is mandatory for 'Favring' to occur. Preferably while wearing Brett Favre's Packers, Jets, or Vikings jersey. Tweeting during/after said action is highly encouraged.
I 'favred' her last night so hard, on her man's couch, while he was passed out upstairs.
by Dear B&S October 04, 2010
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To be disappointed as a fan by an inexplicably bad play by an otherwise stellar player.
Packer fans can sympathize with Vikings fans as they, too, have now been Favred.
by Ben Favred January 25, 2010
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To be touched by an entity that is more than a man but slightly less than a god. Can be used as synonym for blessed or for cursed, depending on the connotation.
The blind man's head was Favred and he was suddenly able to see. He looked down and realized that he was standing on water.
"Did you see the Bears get Favred again on Sunday?" "Yea, they're a bunch of non-believers."
by gary coleman's dimple November 26, 2005
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