One who is exceptionally fat and exceptionally stupid.
"Gawd, that fat Debbie is such a fattard."
by Screamadelica March 3, 2007
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of or relating to being extremly fat and stupid at the same time thus being fatly retarded
wow that chance kid is such a fattard.
by md dylan June 20, 2006
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a fat bastard. this usually applies to parents and/or teachers/priests/siblings/wenchs.
Gabby was telling Diana about how big a fattard her parents were on Saturday.
by Hanmah <(^^)> March 31, 2008
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A person who completes tasks slowly due to their fatness.
Hey Matt, let's take a shortcut through this hole in the fence.
Oh no, I'm stuck!
Hurry up you fattard.
by Biggest brother there is November 30, 2020
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