a fat cow is someone who cheats on people and eats hella lot
Camryn your such a FAT COW”
by Depressed 4 LIFE June 25, 2019
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man #1: hey what's the name of that fat cow with that show?
man #2: oprah?
man #3: yeah, that's it. wow she really is a lard ass.
by icantthinkofaname March 7, 2008
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bovine mammal with inordinate volume of fat tissue
Yo 'sup?! This beef is only 80% lean - must have come from one fat cow, mothafucka!
by Truth2Power August 24, 2004
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When the bitch an unacceptable level of thicc
Cameron: Man that bih thicc, amirite?
Nigel: Nah, m8 she unacceptably thicc, the fat cow.
by Dummy Thicc ×2 April 17, 2019
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What You use to call your younger siblings when they're being a fooking idiot
Shut Up U FAT COW and go suck on your mothers titties u little bitch
by Muminurmum November 21, 2021
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more like bacow was here. laffo. prank'd.
mindo: "where's fatcow?"
dan: "he didn't come to school because he's fat and lazy"
by mindo May 26, 2004
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Although neither of these words are swear words, combined they form the most insulting term for women in the English language. Interestingly it is not illegal to call someone a fat cow, though among English people it is an extremely taboo insult.
An Employer to me: You...can't...CALL someone..."a fat cow" I mean, what do you think this is?! a game?

Police: No Further Action

End result: I lost my job
by deadlygamesman March 10, 2019
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