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When an overweight male has an irregularly large penis that is highly sought after by women seeking extreme lovin.
1. "Dude all the ladys want Dillons Fat Cock"
2. "She totally wants your Fat Cock in her mouth."
by Themailman May 07, 2005
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1. A person who acts foolishly
2. A person who is extremely annoying
3. Used to describe an event that is very unfavorable
1. "James is acting like a Goat Chode."
2. "I hate goat chodes like that guy."
3. "This sucks goat chode, I have to sit through a two hour ethics improvement meeting."
by Themailman May 07, 2005
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Before sexual intercourse a bald male first shaves off his or the females pubic hair. Then pours a bowl (or glass) of his own semen on his head and proceeds to place the pubes onto his noggin. After securing the pubic hair toupee the man spreads the womans vagina and shoves his head inside of the "Pink Swim Cap".
"Dude when I gave that chick a pink swim cap it reminded me of the days when I had a full head of hair."
by Themailman May 06, 2005
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