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the essence of a true fatass. Any fat man who possesses the fat charm has the ability to appear irresistible to any woman he chooses. In some cases a fatass's fat charm is so immense that the blessed fat man cannot control it.
Damnit! Look at Greg, that fatass! His fat charm is consuming all of the women. Maybe some day in the distant future he will learn to control it. Until that day we can only hope... we can only hope...
by Eric Millman April 14, 2006
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when a person with fat, charms everyone into having sex and making out with them. This doesnt excluding charming guys, and the fat charm just radiates. The person could be sleeping, and the fat charm still works.
Mal: Greg im gonna fuck you, your fat charm has gotton to me

Greg: Wtf, im not doing anything

Mal: You dont have to, its your fat charm
by g-reg rosen April 11, 2006
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When a fat person can use his fatness to actually attact woman .
Greg stop using your fat charm to steal every girl you see!
by ThePunisher April 23, 2006
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