funny cute goat boy from deltarune that everyone loves

naturally, with love comes memes and ralsei has had many memes about him throughout the years, but the most popular (that I could find) are:

ralsei with a gun, a concept that's been thrown around the internet ever since chapter 1 released in 2018

ralsei smoking a fat dart, which has risen to popularity after chapter 2's release in 2021. (yes the second chapter took that long)

however, with love also comes literal love as in "let me fuck the asshole" type love, meaning some fucking basement dwelling body flab nikocado avocado lookin ass bastards have made some "questionable" art of ralsei over the years.

if you wish to keep your eyeballs I highly advise you to never look that shit up, and if you're into it then you're fuckin weird
Person 1:"Hey bud what do you think of Ralsei from Deltarune?"
Person 2:"Very cute"
Person 3:"I want to fuck him"
Person 1 and Person 2:"What the fuck is wrong with you"
by gman gaming November 12, 2021
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a fluffy boi that exists in a game called deltarune

the goat boi uses he/him
and according to fucking twitter he uses she/her
what the actual fuck is twitter on
Ralsei is a fluffy boi
by ralsiost November 10, 2021
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ralsei deltarune is a character from Toby Fox's video game Deltarune. A foolishly naive goat prince. He heals the bad guy of the first chapter because the aforementioned bad guy acted badly like he suddenly had a change in heart and wanted to talk it out. He has Black Mage aesthetics, but when he takes off his hat he looks abhorrent. He is greatly overrated by the fanbase.
Person 2: No, foolish heathen. Lancer and Susie were much more epic characters than that abomination.
by libtardpwner69 December 25, 2018
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literal perfection

soft and fluffy, 99999999/10 would hug again

warm and cozy and will probably make you internally die of cuteness. deserves all the love and cuddles he could ever ask for
i love him so much hes indescribable

also if you even think about hurting him I WILL DEEP FRY YOUR LIVER
i hugged ralsei and it was literally the happiest moment of my life i want to cuddle him and never let go
by advie advocado September 28, 2022
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