1. Annoying scene kids that go to shows.
2. Often seen with eyeliner, multiple bandanas, scene hair, studded belts, and super tight girl's jeans.
3. Normally, these faggots get wrecked in a pit.
4. Dressing like a faggot and ruining the music scene.
5. Those who are not straight edge and follow trends.
Hunter wrecked that fashion fuck in the pit.

That fashion fuck is going to get his ass beaten by KGC.
by stayXtrue January 9, 2006
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To arrive so late that everyone is pissed off by the time you get there.
by S. Muffin February 2, 2015
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The Old Fashioned Fuck, also known as the "O.F.F.", is a simple missionary position fuck between a man and a women, just like they used to do in the olden times. Also, is known to be the nicest way one can fuck a girl, and the most gentleman-like.
Todd: Hey Barry, I can't believe you fucked my wife last night, what kind of a friend are you?

Barry: Nah it's okay, I gave her the old fashioned fuck.

Todd: Oh LAWL, I thought we were going to have a problem.
by Schasty McNasty October 5, 2008
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A guy who still holds open doors for girls and buys them supper on dates- but also fucks them and leaves them like a fuck boy.
He wasn’t like the other boys around here, he was an old fashioned fuck boy.
by Carebear98 November 16, 2017
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Exclaimed in reference to pretentious bitches (male or female) who may not be aware that the material or immaterial advantages that they snobbily advertise by things like clothing, other material status symbols and immaterial status symbols like an educational or vocational pedigree mean absolute sh*t at places like the basketball court.

If not snobbily advertised, leave fashion alone. Otherwise, fuck fashion.
Tell your little husband to fuck fashion because he's micro-soft and smokes Marlboros to cope with the office stress he endures through ulcers, your infidelity with me and the brief moment of pleasure he receives from buying you (me) that fur coat which you'll later 'misplace'.

by RobReal February 17, 2011
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