4 definitions by S. Muffin

To arrive so late that everyone is pissed off by the time you get there.
by S. Muffin February 2, 2015
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To use old 1,44mb floppy disks to store data.
"The IT support guy told me to flopulate this document. "

"He might be smoking pot in the car park again bro, we have not flopulated anything in years. I don't think our computers are eaven capable of flopulateing anymore"

"I'll just use my memory stick"

"Yeh, and I'll go see if I can score of that IT dude"
by S. Muffin April 19, 2016
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Inducing instantaneous intrigue, esp in relation to a beautiful woman. Relating to desirable qualities.
"She is gorgeous I want to take her for a devonshire tea then give her a kiss, a rose and a butterfly", "yeah bro that's superstickshift witchcraft you should butter that bitches bread".
by S. Muffin May 1, 2015
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