The act of throwing boiling hot water in someones face
1. She was peeking into my kitchen window so I hot eye'd her

2. I always keep a pot of water boiling on the stove in case I need to hot eye a door to door salesman
by orthonovum September 12, 2011
another term for a man or woman's sweaty butt-hole... another word for "ass eating"
There's nothing wrong with enjoying a "hot whale eye" every now and again
by Dr.Poon69 March 18, 2010
When a women that you meet for the first time takes and instant liking to you and has an immediate attraction. You'll be able to see the outline of your hot dog, dancing in her eyes as she visualizes taking it deep later that night.
While out at the club, Johnny met this chick who had Hot Dog Eyes upon first contact. She couldn't contain herself from thinking of the ways she would pleasure the hot dog sometime later
by whitehoteboy August 10, 2011
When an individual farts in someone else's mouth
Kevin was receiving anal pleasure when his lovers mouth was filled with a smelly gas spilling out of Kevin's butt hole.

While in prison, Chingy slipped on a bar of soap while showering, falling on top of another inmate. His mouth landed on the inmates button right as the inmate was going to use the bathroom. He had just finished eating his Mexican beans he had for lunch and could no longer hold the gas in any more. The inmate released a large fart into Chingy's mouth, giving him a brown eye hot box.
by OG_Funbun September 24, 2013