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The act of not getting out of an office chair and rolling to a different location in an office or shop, not mattering that the location could be the next desk or from wall to wall. Originated from an overweight lazy person but can be adapted to "efficiancy standpoint".
That dude is so fat, that the only way he can get around is farrelling from spot to spot.
by The deep one March 03, 2008
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The act of being a stupid idiot munching on Mcdonalds and Subway everyday even though there are more important things to do (Job, friends, family)
Person 1: Dude is Eric farrelling again?
Person 2: Ya he just bought another double big mac meal from Mcdonalds and is going to play assasins creed brotherhood all day on his ps3

Person 1: Wow ever since he started Farrelling 2 years ago hes gained like 200 pounds!

Person 2: Ya im never gonna start farrelling.
by ihatestupidteachers May 10, 2011
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