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The act of blowing mucus/snot out of your nose by pinching one nostirl and exhaling violently out of the other nostril. Aka snot rocket.
I didn't have any tissues so I just gave it the old farmer john right on the sidewalk.
by Jeb Eastwood March 22, 2008
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Adj. To be unscientific. To do something in an amatuerish and unsophisticated way.
It's no wonder they haven't figured out the problem yet. This farmer john troubleshooting is BULLSHIT!
by Ricky Graham October 17, 2006
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A reference to being a ladies' man or player; usually self proclaimed.

Farmer John is a character who is most commonly found on a farm around livestock, including but not limited to chickens. Hence the term Farmer John may be used in reference to "gettin chicks"

Rapper Yellaboi coined the term in his 2010 song "Honeys to Blow"
"They call me Farmer John (why?) Becaue I get chicks"

by myheathersosoft May 11, 2010
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You eat 3-4 cans of whole corn, or one to two ears if your that kind of person, one day before meeting up with your dream girl. When your girl goes to philash you, say "hold on bessie your getting a farmer john today", you start "plowing" her from behind. Then when the mood is right, flip her over and let out your corny top soil in a nice row on her chest. Poke a few holes in the soil and make sure to plant enough man seed for a good harvest.
My girlfriend wanted to go out dancing, but she had to stay home and wash off her farmer john.
by Vesuvious June 16, 2009
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A person who plants "seeds" via acts or comments with other people in order to harvest a relationship in the future.
Terrence has been a total Farmer John with Kate, he has been planning that for over a year.

Terrence has been totally Farmer Johning Kate since she first arrived.
by Aptaphobic March 22, 2014
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Highly respected womanizer

Rips for days and never gets caught
Rios in class and no one suspects a thing
Did u see farmer john in class rippin he’s such s retard
by Porta john February 15, 2019
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