Refers to the past tense act of doing a fart. Is used to show that the subject, whether the user themself, or an external person/object has qualities of mental deficiency. Is often used alongside the word shidded.
When a girl touched my dilly for the first time I shidded and farded
by yt:PaJeezy October 11, 2018
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Loud fart ( 420.69 db) at high velocity with Kinetic energy released by a monke is called fard. The world's loudest fard was taken by KraccBacc in 9/10/2021.
he do be fardin' and shiddin' doe
by CumCollector69 November 14, 2021
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- gas from your ass.
- Smells like heaven
- monke
Person a: I smell fard
Person b: You smell your upper lip
by Supereggman January 21, 2022
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when u do epic farding!!! when gas come out ur fkn azz rn bad smell smh...
Pee pee man:"tooofa"
poo poo man: farding
by Annoying Piece of Shit? March 23, 2021
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A meme basically saying you farted
except it’s just funny
Larry: fuck! I just farded

Mike: are you sure you didn't shidded?!
Larry: shit i farded and shidded!
by Itsfreerealistate June 24, 2018
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To fart, or to have farted

Fard tends to be used in a pair with Shid
You smell like you farded
by Vapy January 11, 2022
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