Loud fart ( 420.69 db) at high velocity with Kinetic energy released by a monke is called fard. The world's loudest fard was taken by KraccBacc in 9/10/2021.
he do be fardin' and shiddin' doe
by CumCollector69 November 14, 2021
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- gas from your ass.
- Smells like heaven
- monke
Person a: I smell fard
Person b: You smell your upper lip
by Supereggman January 21, 2022
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A meme basically saying you farted
except it’s just funny
Larry: fuck! I just farded

Mike: are you sure you didn't shidded?!
Larry: shit i farded and shidded!
by Itsfreerealistate June 24, 2018
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Fard could mean many things, but mainly an affirmative word, almost like a mini language but only one word. Fard also means an insanely loud and stinky fart. Some examples of the affirmative version of fard are: Okay, Good, Got It, I Agree, Cool, Yes, and Sure.
Example 1: Friend 1: Wanna go out to eat?
Friend 2: Fard (Sure)

Example 2: Friend 1: Farts really really loud
Friend 2: Holy moly man, did you just fard?!
by Flaymo June 26, 2022
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To fart, or to have farted

Fard tends to be used in a pair with Shid
You smell like you farded
by Vapy January 11, 2022
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1. Farḍ or farīḍah in Islam is a religious duty commanded by God.

2. The action of spelling ‘fart’ wrong and shidding at the same time of typing/writing fart wrong.
1. Oh crap, i farded.

2. I am performing farḍ, commanded by god.
by the funny the funny the September 10, 2021
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Fard is fart but the t is a d
and also kinda a meme
i fard and shid in my pants
i smell fards
by PurpleImpostor August 25, 2021
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