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A Strong Bad-ism that is mostly contextual. Can mean vicious or agressive. Also can mean toothsome.
1. My mother fangoriously grounded me for smoking.

2. His girlfriend is rather fangorious-she gives him love bites a lot.
by Mel April 10, 2004
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an adjective denoting something positive. it normally means a little odd or twisted in some manner.
Today was fangorious. I saw a hobo chase down and punch a man that rudely refused to give him some change.
by Josh Sites January 13, 2007
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A Strong Bad centric word that means everything... and nothing at the same time.
Dude, that dog is totally fangorious.

It was just... too fangorious to describe.

I had a pretty fangorious weekend, how about you?

We should name our youth group "Fangorious".
by JRVSmith May 16, 2011
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