Someone who is dressed fancy or act in a fancy matter. usually accompinied by a "Mr." prefix.
We need to return your tuxedo tomorrow Mr. fancy pants.
by Mike Hoff February 16, 2004
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1. an overly dressed up person

2. an over-sophisticated person or thing
With his Fedora and his high end wines, he's your basic fancy pants and then some.
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A pretentious, rich, liberal post-teen from the north east
"Elizabeth is such a fancy pants fucker. What a rich bitch. I hope she enjoys that new 'tight pad' her daddy bought her."
by Jimmy Williams March 20, 2005
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Someone who needs expensive pants to compensate for their lack of masculinity.
The Hat: “I just love having mustard in my Fancy Pants”
Chinaman: “You weird. Why you like mustard in your pants?!”
The Hat: “I just love having mustard in my Fancy Pants. Almost as much as I love sucking on Lollipops.”
Chinaman: “you no funny”
by Nothanksnicegirl August 13, 2019
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Nickname for a co-worker that dresses up every Hall-o-ween with a prosthetic, rubber ass no matter what the costume. Ironically, every time the ass is placed on the body, the co-worker ends up in some sort of physical altercation. This is thought to originate from Salt Lake City, Utah (Home of the village idiots and mormoms).
"Why is Fancy Pants all busted up?"

"He was wearing the ass last night, and some guy grabbed it..."
by Krazyodb June 03, 2005
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A tradition started by those rebelling against business casual friday. Bad-ass business suits and dark shades are preferred, but anything dressier than your Monday-Thursday apparel will work. Bonus points if you can take your dog for a run while wearing your fancy pants.
The Llama - "What's the suit for? Do you have an interview today?"

Me – "Nah, man. It's just Fancy Pants Friday!"

Adrian – "Hells yeah, FPF, baby."
by Grandpa Fancy Pants July 27, 2005
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The most coveted acquisitions of men who believe they are very deserving, special boys. Materialistic, phony sycophants will literally kiss the ass of anyone who they think might be superior to them or have something to offer in the hopes that they will eventually be rewarded the highest prizes of them all - plenty of 'candy', and high-end designer clothing.
However, like the old carrot-on-a-stick adage, they remain in constant pursuit of bigger lollipops to suck on and fancier pants to wear - never satisfied, never sated, but always sucking, sucking, sucking.

Proving that no lollipops are sweet enough, nor any pants in the world fancy enough to mend a human heart.
Person 1: "That guy is literally the most simpering, superficial fuck on the planet, what's his deal?"
Person 2: "He's sucked a lot of figurative and even some actual dick just so he can have his lollipops and fancy pants"
by CinnamonBear June 07, 2019
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