In the first half of the 20th century, this was a hat synonymous with manly style. It was about looking cool without appearing juvenile.

In present times, the fedora is a trademark of the socially inept beta male. He is attempting to distance himself from pop culture with the distinct style of past fashion. But he captures none of the suave, and only comes off looking like an oblivious, pompous fool. This is especially the case when it's a low-quality fedora coupled with unfashionable clothes and an unkempt appearance.

Modern fedora-wearers are typically associated with the *chan internet culture and Asperger's Syndrome (aspie).
If you are not Humphrey Bogart, you should not wear a fedora.
by Xcalibur201 September 15, 2013
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A hat that shouldn't be worn by anyone who isn't Indiana Jones or Michael Jackson.
oh, you're so cool because you're wearing a fedora.
by Not a bum June 14, 2013
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It is seen as the ultimate status symbol of the neckbeards, a hat that contains powerful information, which is coded in the motherboard, located in the liner tip of the aforementioned hat. Information such as when wil be the next cringey event (the one that's nearest to their actual location at the time), a manual of how to preserve the neckbeard in a world full of friendzoned comrades and even an almost infinite database of quotes about atheism and obscure internet forums.

It represents the class of the wearer, which is ranged from Private Neckbeard to General Brony Master. These ranks can be escalated by the wearer of the fedora by purchasing many different styles, giving them a name, and thus, reaching a far more excruciating level of stupidity (which they associate with being "edgy".
I am an atheist with strong conviction and i'm here to defend my beliefs even when if no one gives a fuck about them *tips fedora*
by AmorphousBeast January 20, 2015
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"Kyle's so hot!"

"I know Katie, that Fedora complements his sexy neckbeard perfectly."

"Help I'm orgasming!"
by PopShouldDieLikeMCR November 18, 2018
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Among many other meanings, Fedora can also be used as a verb to describe a person that is self absorbed and believes that he is more intelligent, for the sole purpose that he does not believe in a God. Comes from an *chan joke showing a fat neckbeard wearing a Fedora stating he is more intelligent because he is an atheist.

NOTE: This is not synonymous with an atheist. A Fedora will act big headed about his atheism while an atheist just doesn't believe in a god
"I'm not a clueless idiot that believes in a god"
"Urgh, that guys such a fedora
by Theak July 9, 2015
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A Linux distro that spun off of RedHat after RH closed its source code. Fedora offers a hacked version of RedHat 9.
Fedora is one of RedHat's excuses to successfully close their source code.
by restin256 January 16, 2004
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One of the coolest hats known to man. Worn by 1920's business men, Indiana Jones, and private detectives - All of which have legendary levels of manliness. Some what ironic because the Fedora started as a hat made for women.

Now used by people who think the fedora will make them look cooler, but don't realize that a t-shirt and a pair of jeans does not work with a fucking fedora. Still the Fedora will always be the coolest of hats. Regardless of who wears it.
Luke: What type of hat is that? Is that a Bowler hat?

Chris: No it's a Fedora, like the one in Indiana Jones.

by Skullwood November 10, 2009
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