n. An expertly and delicately crafted sandwich consisting of ham, cheese, spicy brown mustard, and potato chips. Originated in Portsmouth, NH, it's a local hero.
Jon: Hey man, i'm gunna order a pizza do you want anything?

Chris: Naw dawg, I just had a famouser
by stew dogg April 2, 2010
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used in place of the term 'more famous.' usually used when one is quite upset and talking out of their ass.
'hawthorne heights is famouser than you, hah, get over it'
by laurennicole July 4, 2006
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all thoughts, actions, and events that occur after one has been declared famous by a reputable source; the life of a famous person.
Yet through hard work and perseverance, Shel Silverstein earned himself a life of famousity.
by CaptainObvious:) February 15, 2010
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A famous computer mouse, your favourite computer mouse, an in-famous mouse
He b-e-came famouse 'cause of his cheesy clicks.
by Hercolena Oliver April 17, 2009
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Word used by people with no education, such as avril.
by Eggie June 26, 2003
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A colleague entered a word on the urban dictionary regarding a girl with massive hooters and a small frame. She is a Chinese girl therefore they are a bit of an anomaly and a phenomenon.

I laughed when I realized automatically who he was referring too and said:
mate……you have famousized her!!!”
by GGeez August 11, 2010
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