One of the worst shows ever animated. Poorly animated. Characters have very little in-betweening done. If any. Characters could be drawn by a child. Also not funny. The running jokes (Evil Monkey, Chicken) sre tired and stale. The episodes are for the most part based on pop-culture references and will lose their relevance in a few years. And if a joke is not based on one(pop culture reference), the joke takes forever to set itself up. There isn't really any essentials of normal comedy in the show (Comic timing, Sight gags). If there are there are very few. Family guy goes to show that if you work at Hanna-Barbera a few months, your show can be a total $uccess. Let the sell out merchandising at hot-topic begin!
by Steve JS February 9, 2006
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a show of wide following that people quote more often then the bible and the constitution combined
Peter: look Brian my ABC soup is sending me a message, it says ooooooooooooooooooooooo

Brian: Peter those are cheerios

Family Guy
by dontworrybehappy September 20, 2005
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LOL, it's that 80s cartoon!
Family Guy thrives on references to past events. Even when people (idiots) don't get what it means, they sure do laugh their asses off at it. Sad.
by The above statement is true. September 21, 2007
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A television show best described by a shameless plagarism attempt, in an effort to create a cartoon series which could even be 1/2 as entertaining as The Simpsons.

Inspiration, is often the seed for works of great innovation. Imitation, isnt always a bad thing. Influence, is where techniquies are adopted, imitated, learned from and incorporated as a part of one's own unique style. Giving 'nodds', is where a writer will steal an idea for use in one of their own works - yet openly credit the original author. For example, in Office Space, the characters plan to use a bank robbing scheme which was already done in Superman III. So, they introduce this scheme such that one character says "yeah - just like they did in Superman III". Theres no shame in that, its like giving propps.

Then, we have plagarism. Family Guy is a series guilty of shameless idea theft - not just at the dialogue level, or the plot level - but I mean, I have seen exact sequences appear in Family Guy, which were stolen directly from The Simpsons. Its shameless idea theft. It's a crime.

The writers of Family Guy are incapable of creating innovative or original work, so they steal scenes from The Simpsons without even understanding why they are funny.
by TSL January 20, 2006
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a show that should still be cancelled. known for its stupidity and lack of humor. a complete rip off of the simpsons example: a stupid drunk dad, a mom with some type of brains, some type of pet, a misunderstood daughter, a stupid troublemaking son, peter griffin has 3 drinking buddies and homer simpson (for the most part) also has 3 drinking buddies. family guy was made for people with an IQ of 10 or lower...basically for the brain dead and zombies.
Family Guy is written by manitees. thats from South Park an actually FUNNY show. fuck family guy...
by el reye August 5, 2006
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A very bad ripoff of The Simpsons.

I have been forced to watch this show, and leave by the second commercial break. It's gotta be the stupidest thing on T.V.

The number one "worst" show to watch as said by many critics.

Top 3 worst shows out today according to the critics:

1. Family Guy (Fox)
2. American Dad (Fox)
3. The O.C. (Fox)
Ringin' any bells?
by Fuckitall June 29, 2006
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greatest animated show ever. cancelled by fox but revived years later through the tireless efforts of fans. it is now a top rated show on sundays and a best selling dvd. it has also become a popular site to steal jokes from and pretend they're your own.
I watched family guy last night.
by sam james July 29, 2005
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