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Originated by Manowar, they originally used it to describe the music of the Glam/Hair bands of the Eighties. In a modern context, it can be used to describe numerous Nu-Metal bands.

"Manowar waged open verbal, and occasionally physical, warfare upon those who could not genuinely play their instruments or who were half hearted in embracing the true spirit of their beloved heavy metal"

-Manowar: Anthology. Inset by Dave Ling.
That poser only likes False Metal.

Quit listening to that False Metal and stick some Manowar on!
by BPRW August 11, 2004
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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Metal that does not come from the heart. Metal in which the artists show no passion. Metal which is made for the sole purpose of being marketed and whored out to every mindless dimwit out there who believes that listening to a popular band will make them "hardcore."

Unlike what many of the other people here have said, false metal is NOT simply any band that you don't like. If I didn't like Iron Maiden (and just for the record I DO like them), does that give me the right to say they are false metal? No! And you know why? Because their music DOES come from the heart, and the performers DO have a strong passion for it.

It's the same with many other bands out there. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it is false metal, even though it's true that many bands out there whose music DOES suck do play false metal.
I'm going to avoid listing some "false metal" bands to avoid controversy. However, a lot of the big bands on the list should be quite obvious if you're a big metal fan.
by Someone who likes metal June 11, 2007
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False Metal is a genre of music coined by the media (in various forms) as "metal" that obviously has no true connection to pure metal, or any of the "evil" found in metals like the metal of death.
Sugar coated and sappy, polished and clean, with emphasis on pop like structures, a marketable image, and a general aura of NOT being "devil music".
true metal, in it's various forms (most notably pure/power metal & deathmetal) has remained unscathed by the passing trends of various false metals, and will continue to thrive via integrity, devotion, passion and sincerity not found in any false metal acts!
in the 80's it was bands like Poison and Warrant
in the 90's it was Limp Bisquit, Korn, and Coal Chamber
in the 00's it was all of those "metalcore" and "screamo" bands.

who knows what pitiful False Metal trend is next?
by Adam Conrad September 03, 2006
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nu-metal are the enemies in which we can never forgive !!!!!!!
he listens to nu-metal while he has sex with his father
by J July 17, 2004
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a description created by the God's of Metal, ManOwaR for all of the poser metal bands that have appeared such as Korn
Heavy Metal...or no Metal at all wimps and posers...leave the hall...Heavy Metal
by Stutley August 14, 2004
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the horshit "music" that bands like slipknot, and korn make. music that requires no talent to make. based on an image, rather than quality of music. fuckin poser ass shit. i hate it. singers that cant sing, screaming meaningless lyrics, and playing power chord after powerchord, over and over.
garbage. music at its worst. Nu-metal.
disgrace to music. disgrace to mankind.
unfortunately MetallicA decided to sell out to this shit, and they dont make the good shit that they used too. its sad but true.
poser bitch: hey man, want to listen to slipknot

MetallibangeR: fuck no, lets listen to manowar, or slayer, or (early) metallica shit, or fuckin ozzy, you poser ass douche fuck.
by MetallilbangeR April 05, 2005
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