Decent size town of around 40,000 residents. Located on upper part of the cape, borders the towns bourne to the north and mashpee to the east. A lot of beaches, with Old Silver being the most popular. Some decent bars, and plenty of stuff to do in the summer or the winter if your looking to keep busy. The racial make up of the town consists, of 73% white, non hispanic, 12% black african decent, 7% Native American Indian, 3% Hispanic, and 5% other. An unusual amount of crime that happens there, usually drug related, but is kept low key so tourist will keep coming. Tourist revinues are a huge part of local business revenues. The majority of crime happens in east falmouth and teaticket sections of town. The town averaged 1 to 3 murders a year over the last 6 years. Although since 2004 violent crime there has risen to above both state and national averages. There are a few gangs still existing, the depleted BRP, (the barrows road posse) the BLVD, (the boulavard) Seacoase killas, and the HH heavy hitters. A moderate size High School with around 1500 kids and decent athletics. A lot of recent changes occuring in development of the town, becoming much more city like. For the past three years the town of falmouth has lead the state of massachusetts in developement of 40B project low-income affodable housing. Overall Falmouth is a good place, but like any other upside there is always a downside. Be carefull of certain neighborhoods, people and places, when visiting and you will enjoy your stay.
One person: Falmouth is a great place.
Other: yea not east falmouth. my friend got into a fight with some kid and got stabbed at a party there last summer.
by Obsevationalist October 25, 2006
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Pronounced: Fal-Mith
Located on the armpit of the cape. Year round population 40,000, summer population 115,000. 5 different sections of town: west falmouth; rich as hell, north falmouth; just as rich, woods hole; buncha weirdos, teaticket; strait hood, east falmouth; gangsta/ghetto, be easy stuff happens here
Those kats from east falmouth are always causin rukus. Hight town aint got nothin on east falmouth.
by say it aint so February 13, 2006
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A vacation spot for all of USA. Eveyone loves Cape Cod in the summer, even their residents. However, they do notice that nearly every spec of their sand is covered with tourist towels and their roads are populated to the maximum, even the backroads.
Poor Katie, a Falmouth Resident made it into the Old Silver beach parking lot at 9 am after waiting nearly 30 minutes for the beach to open. She laid out and got started on that tan, when she was awoken from her sunning from the kicking of ignorant tourists kicking up sand on her towel and in her face as they set up the umbrella right over her head in her sun... there is no other room on the beach now, and it is 9:15. So Katie leaves, and her usual 8 minute ride home results in 8 phone calls on her cell phone, and 58 minutes later she is home.
by Caroline April 12, 2005
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Town in Cornwall with the best beaches in the whole of the UK. Has a small resort in the US named after it. Is full of emits in the summer.
by HomeParkHomer August 07, 2006
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Pretty decent school with a total of 3 black people and (supposedly) 1 hispanic. Throws decent basement parties. Thinks 86 sucks. Everyone there knows that basketball is just a warm-up season for Lacrosse and Soccer. Not very urban. Actually, not urban in the slightest bit.
Seen that ghetto kid? He's not from Falmouth Academy.
by ... December 21, 2004
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The 02536, as it's inhabitants lovingly refer to it, is simply put, the greatest village in the world.

Also known as the center of the universe, East Falmouth is a tight knit community of friendly, happy and amazingly attractive people.

In East Falmouth there is no crime, everyone gets along, everything is free, but it wouldn't matter if it weren't since money grows in what is known as money bogs. Also the streets are paved in gold and the street signs are diamond studded.

Also nobody ever gets sick and people live forever there.

East Falmouth is united by a community site at
Insane Tony and his cousin Ron have been growing money in their family owned money bog in East Falmouth for 327 years and plan to continue forever since they will never die.

by the-goat January 10, 2009
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A shouting 20 something on the cape who gets pleasure out of being a jerk. One of the group of young rebel rousers in Falmouth. This type of kid, usual name is Kyle (Luth) or Tony, gets pleasure out of making your life difficult. A band of jerks have wreaked havoc in this town, causing road crashes, fucking up local McDonalds, and shouting at any innocent passerby. Dont be surprised if your in Falmouth to get fucked with in your car, or shouted at with derrogatory names. A falmouth jerk is the biggest jerk there is, and he is proud of it.
"Kyle, drop a hey bomb... HEY!! These goddamn falmouth jerks."
by J holiday May 02, 2006
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