mashpee is were alot of old people live and alot of summer homes. Many people viset mashpee for tourism and go to newseaberry. Over all it is a pretty nice place but boring for young teenagers. behind all this sweetness of old people is alot of pot. Most teenagers smoke pot or have tryed it. i would say about 68% of people in the high school have tryed or do. Alot of adults also smoke pot. It has swept threw mashpee. it is town were every1 likes to always have a good time. There are a cupple of neighborhoods were weed is the only thing. these two nieghborhoods are briarwood and mashpee neck.
person one- what is going on in mashpee tongiht

person two- idk I was jsut going buy a quater and smoke it with everyone.

person one- ok sounds good
by richared January 12, 2008
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Mashpee is a great place to live. There is many different cultures in mashpee which gives you a chance to learn a little. For example the wampanoags. The wampanoags have a powwow every year around July. Mashpee is full of tourists mostly for the beaches, new seabury, and the mashpee commons. The most worst and ghetto parts of mashpee would probably be route 130 and the mashpee village. If I were you I would probably stay away from those areas because its nothing but drugs,weed,and guns. Unless you have family there. Mashpee also has great education and sports. This year the MHS football team was undefeated and won the super bowl. All and all mashpee is a great place.
Person 1; Lets go to mashpee for vacation !

Person 2; Ok sounds like fun! But we have to stay away from the village and route 130.

Persn 1; Ok ! sounds like a plan :)
by CH33R4LIF3123<3 July 6, 2012
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A place filled with snakes and kids that think they’re cool, they juul and use their dab pens in the bathroom which is pretty cool but besides that, everyone is a fag
John- “What school do u go to?”

Peter- “Mashpee High school

John- “Damn, must be fake af
by Mashpee Kid January 24, 2019
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