What a nigga is the day before the check arrives.
I shore hope the check's on time, I'm one broke nigga.
by yorkie stomper April 16, 2008
1. That nigga thats always broke, looks at everyone while they're ordering and eating, sits down creeping on them till someone offers food and/or money.

2. Comes with you knowing he doesn't have money in hopes he gets something.

3. Never has money to buy stuff for himself.
Chris: Yo lets goto McDonalds.
Gustavo: Aight brah lets go.
*un-invited guest*: Am down.
Chris and Gustavo continue eating while the un-invited stares.
Chris: You have money
*un-invited guest*: Nah, am not hungry.
Gustavo: Yo you that one broke nigga your bum ass get outta here.
by Hastis August 31, 2011
a jutsu, for niggas who are already broke, to use on niggas with that green and suck their wallets dry
guy 1: "aye bruh I heard that nigga Jarvis got guap"

guy 2: "holup, lemme jus...BROKE NIGGA JUTSU"

jarvis then gets his green finessed and gets grouped with the broke niggas
by kotonoshi January 17, 2019
When one does not posses money or the urge to get it
You got no money no job you got broke nigga syndrome
by Dftr January 5, 2020
An object that is so low quality that even food stamps won't stoop that low.
You see, theirs your cheap Ramen dinner, and then theirs broke nigga' soup; and cuz, that ain't no Ramen Noodles.
by Z36286 September 20, 2016